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Academics are of paramount importance at Bruern. Due to boys' learning difficulties they need to be taught in very specific ways to help them reach their full potential. To achieve this Bruern is split into two halves, the Junior and Senior School. The Junior School is for boys between the ages of 8 and 11 (National Curriculum Years 3 to 6 inclusive) and the Senior School is for boys between the ages of 12 and 13 (National Curriculum Years 7 and 8).

Junior School

The Junior School runs a skills-based curriculum. What this means in practice is that the focus of lessons is far more on 'how to do' rather than factual learning. This is crucial in bringing boys' litearcy and numeracy skills up to speed and hence why we have twice as many English and Maths lessons as a standard prep school would for all our juniors, coupled with having two teachers in each class for these key subjects. Historically it is so often these core skills that have hindered boys from both comprehending the work being studied and showing their potential. On top of these two subjects boys are taught, Science, Geography, History, Religious Studies, French, PSHCE, Music, Design and Technology and Art to give breadth and variety to their curriculum.

Senior school

Boys move up to the Senior School once the Junior School has equipped the boys with the academic skills required to access the Common Entrance syllabus. Over these two years they learn the requisite knowledge, subject specific skills and exam technique to tackle the Common Entrance Examinations. The pedagogy of these lessons is still very much in sympathy with the boys specific learning styles and, as in the Junior School, class sizes are kept to a maximum of twelve pupils. The boys are taught, English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Religious Studies and French as examined subjects and PSHCE, Music, Design and Technology and Art to maintain breadth and diversity within their curriculum. The key aim of these two years is to gain the boys' entry into mainstream, academically selective independent senior schools with excellent results and the necessary skills to flourish there.

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